Invisalign: A novel orthodontic treatment

The innovative Invisalign method is an orthodontic treatment, which can offer straighten teeth without braces, replacing them with invisible transparent aligners (plastic films).

To make the braces, a high-precision impression and a complete set of intra – oral and extra – oral photographs of the patient are first required. Afterwards, the orthodontist sends each patient’s treatment plan electronically, based on which the movements of the teeth are determined with millemeter precision. About two weeks after receiving this diagnostic file, the 3D image of the patient’s teeth is uploaded to the doctor’s electronic platform. With this virtual cast, before the treatment starts, the patient can see the final image of their smile on the computer screen.

The aligners are placed by the patient himself and changed approximately every 10 days, and are worn all day with the exception of meals and hot drinks.


Straighten teeth without braces – The advantages

  • Transparent mouth guards are invisible and can be easily and quickly removed from the patient whenever needed, so their personal, social and professional life is not affected
  • Oral hygiene is not burdened, because they are removed during meals and food is not retained as in classic braces
  • They do not injure the lips and cheeks
  • There are no urgent, emergency visits to the orthodontist due to the detachment of brackets
  • The treatment time is significantly shorter with rates that reach up to 50%. The number of visits to the doctor is also less, with an average frequency of visits every two months compared to the established monthly appointments of classic orthodontics with braces

So if you still hesitate to smile because you don’t like your smile or you think you are not the right age for orthodontic treatment, this new method without braces has come to give a healthy mouth and a bright smile to each of us regardless of age. You can visit Great Smile orthodontic clinic, so that the orthodontist can provide you with the best possible solution that suits your needs.