Pediatric Dentistry is concerns the monitoring and maintenance of children’s oral health from infancy through teen years. Our orthodontic clinic Great Smile collaborates with a specialised pediatric dentist, who is responsible for the dental treatment of our young patients and teenagers. More specifically, the dental treatments that are included in Pediatric Dentistry and can be performed in our office are:

  • Tooth cleaning and fluoridation at six-month intervals.
  • Sealants in the mastication surface of the first permanent molars, increasing resistance to decay. Routine-checkups are necessary for the well-being of these sealants, usually performed in conjunction with regular cleaning.
  • White dental fillings in primary and permanent teeth.
  • Polfotomies in primary teeth. These are the endodontic treatments of very decayed primary teeth that are supposed to stay in the child’s mouth for a long period of time, until their exfoliation. A supplementary metal crown is used in almost all cases in order increase the tooth’s resistance to fracture.
  • Extractions of primary teeth either due to decay problems or for orthodontic reasons.