The appropriate age is certainly not after all the baby teeth have been replaced by the permanent successor teeth, as is often heard. Because prevention is the best cure, the American Orthodontic Association recommends that the first visit to the orthodontist be made at age 7 in order to determine the appropriate age to begin orthodontic treatment. Early diagnosis and treatment can reduce the chance of permanent tooth extraction in the future, the chance of fracture of the proposed front teeth, preserve the spaces for the permanent teeth and guide the eruption of the permanent teeth to a more favorable position.

Absolutely no one, everyone without exception can benefit from orthodontic treatment. A necessary condition is that there is a sufficient amount of bone, which can be easily determined by the orthodontist by taking a panoramic x-ray.

The fact that the number of orthodontic patients, children and adults, is constantly increasing worldwide, proves the fact that orthodontic treatment is easily tolerated by patients of all ages. The only sensation the new patient has is a kind of pulling of the teeth when they come into contact, which lasts for about two days after the first placement of the orthodontic appliances.

Among the problems that orthodontics can face are:

  • Dental problems: these are problems involving incorrect positions of teeth, commonly crooked teeth.
  • Skeletal problems: these are problems related to disproportion either in size or in the relations of the two jaws.
  • Dental – skeletal problems: this is a combination of the problems of the higher categories.

The cost of orthodontic treatment depends on the complexity of the case, the duration of the treatment and the material that the patient will choose in collaboration with the doctor for its implementation, such as metal, ceramic, lingual braces or invisible aligners. The advantages deriving from orthodontic treatment are so many, such as the improvement of facial aesthetics, the restoration of fluency in terms of correct speech, chewing and oral hygiene, that make it one of the best investments in the field of health and the quality of life.