Teeth whitening is a process that can complete and highlight the results of any orthodontic treatment. This treatment can be applied in patients over the age of 18 years. The protocol used in our clinic, Great Smile – which is considered the most effective worldwide – consists the combined use of the bleaching lamp and whitening  mouth guards. More specifically, in the first session – and after a recent dental scaling of the patient – the initial colour of the patient is determined with the help of a special colour chart. Afterwards, the dental  impressions are taken for the laboratory manufacture of the special whitening mouth guards. In the second session, three whitening cycles of 15 minutes each are performed in the clinic, using a special device that releases light energy and accelerates the action of the whitening agent (gel).

After this session, the patient has obtained the desired colour in his teeth. In order to stabilise it, the use of whitening mouth guards at home is required. The treatment lasts 10-15 days and the demanded use is about 2 hours per day. Teeth whitening is a procedure that does not harm the teeth and gives the orthodontic patient the possibility to achieve a completely natural and aesthetically perfect smile, highlighting the result of orthodontics!