Poor occlusion and crowding of teeth can create oral health problems. Thus, the purpose of every orthodontic treatment is to solve mainly functional issues, while giving a beautiful smile.

Often, children and teenagers do not wish to wear conventional orthodontic devices, like metal braces, because they are very visible and as a form of treatment they consider that they are binding.The effective alternative solution, which is constantly gaining ground in Orthodontics, is the treatment with invisible braces. These are membranes made by a special, flexible plastic material and are designed for each patient individually in order to gradually straighten their teeth, without the need for braces and wires.

The Orthodontist sends the manufacturing company a special high-precision impression of each patient’s teeth, which is digitised. He then schedules the healing changes with a numbered series of aligners. The patient wears them one at a time (for about 10 days each).

The application of transparent splints ensures many advantages for the benefit of young Orthodontic patients are plenty such as:

  • They can be worn 21-22 hours daily and are removed, while eating and brushing teeth. Cleaning teeth is easy and there is no limitation in food consumption.
  • Visits to the Orthodontist are rare, compared to those made by young patients when wearing braces, and this happens because they change the braces the doctor gives them on their own, saving valuable time for them and their parents.
  • The invisible braces are resilient and they don’t show problems of coming off or breaking, unlike braces which have an increased risk of accidents. Also, at the same time they don’t irritate or hurt the gums and tongue.

At these ages the smile plays a key role in the beautiful presentation, significantly enhancing the self-confidence of a young person. It is true, however, that treatment with braces often causes tension between parents and children or teenagers, while their limited time and increased obligations turn it into a difficult affair, resulting in them postponing it for later.

Fortunately, even for young people who are completely negative to orthodontic treatment, this alternative way ensures the full cooperation. The application of transparent splints does not affect the young people in lessons, activities and sports. They are almost invisible and comfortable to wear, which means they can enjoy their lives without limitations and without going through the discomfort caused by the sensitivity usually created by metal braces and wires.

Nowadays, more and more children and teenagers are improving their oral health, both for orthodontic and aesthetic reasons. Transparent braces are the most flexible orthodontic method of high aesthetics that simultaneously optimises the quality of life of young patients! At Great Smile orthodontic clinic we are specialised in the appliance of clear aligners, providing successful orthodontic results!