Respiratory dysfunctions and orthodontic complications

When a person is characterised by short breath, tends to breathe through the oral cavity. This fact can negatively affect its development, especially when it is observed during childhood. The most common orthodontic problems identified by breathing through the mouth concern the formation and the placement of the jaws and teeth.

In many cases, during this process the whole posture of the face changes. In this way the jaws, the tongue and the tilt of the head are moved, in order to inhale more. The teeth also do not develop smoothly and gaps between them can me observed. The above condition therefore causes the following results:

  • Gaping teeth
  • Crowding mainly of the front teeth
  • Narrowing of the upper jaw
  • Lack of space for permanent teeth to emerge
  • Unconscious mouth opening
  • Facial asymmetry


Orthodontic problems & solution

In patients who face the above respiratory problems, narrowing of the upper jaw is usually a given. Therefore, before the orthodontist performs any other orthodontic intervention, this issue should be solved. This procedure is carried out through the Rapid Enlargement Device, HYRAX or Invisalign mouth guards. These orthodontic devices, help to widen the upper dental arch and are suitable for children and teenagers, whose facial features are still forming. These treatments last for a few months and provides positive results such as:

  • Creation of free space within the oral cavity for the growth of new teeth.
  • The alveolar arch becomes more uniform.
  • The foundations are laid for the creation of a stable orthodontic result.
  • The patient’s smile widens, while the breathing and chewing process are facilitated.

After these interventions, the orthodontist can carry out additional orthodontic treatments for preventive reasons, or in order to correct an abnormality that has been observed. Nowadays, orthodontics provides a huge variety of alternative solutions, which are able to adapt to the special needs and daily life of every patient. With your visit to the orthodontist you can receive the treatment that is suitable for you and gain a beautiful, such as functional smile! At Great Smile orthodontic clinic we can offer you the best possible solution that is appropriate for your situation!