An excellent method of restoring and improving the aesthetics of the smile is porcelain veneers, which are bonded to the front surfaces of the teeth to correct their aesthetic imperfections.

Each veneer consists of a very thin layer of durable ceramic material manufactured in specialised dental laboratories, based on a mould already prepared by the dentist. The porcelain veneers should be in complete harmony with the rest of the teeth and the face, so that the aesthetic intervention has a natural result.

Their duration is determined at 10-15 years and their placement is indicated in cases such as:

  • In dark or yellow teeth
  • In asymmetrical teeth
  • On teeth that are cracked or with micro fractures
  • On teeth with gaps between them
  • In very small domains, the so-called “dwarf” domains
  • In the creation of permanently white teeth

However, there are also cases of patients in whom porcelain veneers cannot be placed.

More specifically when:

  • The teeth have extensive dental fillings
  • Due to fracture or tooth decay, a large part of the tooth is missing
  • The teeth have enamel malformations
  • Patients have bruxism, untreated gingivitis or periodontitis, or tooth decay
  • The tooth already has a crown
  • Changing the inclination or position of the tooth requires significant removal of its tooth substance
  • There is no sufficiency of dental tissues.

The application of porcelain veneers ensures many advantages for the patient. During this treatment, the teeth retain their original shape and colour, while less tooth grinding is required compared to crowns. They have excellent aesthetic results and due to their transparency, create the feeling of a natural tooth. Finally, their placement is painless and they have zero or minimal pigment absorption.

This practice is a conservative treatment, simple to apply and offers an immediate result. It is one of the most widespread methods of cosmetic dentistry and can correct several cosmetic problems of the teeth, giving patients a beautiful and natural smile!

Many times, adult patients who have completed their orthodontic treatment and have asymmetric or unevenly sized teeth, proceed to the placement of porcelain veneers, in order to optimise the aesthetic result of the orthodontic treatment. At Great Smile orthodontic clinic you can get informed for every dental issue that concerns you!