Lingual hidden braces are orthodontic devices that are attached to the inner surface of the teeth in order to correct the gaps between the teeth, their curves, their crowding and their malocclusion, improving the patient’s smile.

In contrast to labial braces that are placed on the outer side of the teeth being in public view, lingual braces are Orthodontics’ answer to this aesthetic problem. It is the most appropriate choice for many teenagers and adults who need orthodontic treatment, because it combines excellent therapeutic results with excellent aesthetics during its application. The only cases in which they cannot be placed are in children who still have their baby teeth and in people with very small teeth.

Like conventional braces, internal braces:

  • can be applied to the upper and lower jaw
  • offer the same results
  • they have the same duration of application with the average being around 2 years

Lingual hidden braces are manufactured from metal material (gold alloy/steel) with robotic technology in specialised orthodontic companies abroad. Unlike conventional metal braces, which are standardised and mass-produced (because the front surface of the teeth varies very little from person to person), lingual braces are a personalised solution that responds to the morphology of a single patient’s teeth.

Additionally, these mechanisms promote the resilience of enamel against tooth decay formation as well as the absence of visible decalcifications, the so-called white spots, which is a common phenomenon after the removal of traditional brackets, even if the patient had excellent oral hygiene and use of preventive solutions during conventional orthodontic treatment.

It should be emphasised that lingual orthodontic treatment is applied by orthodontists who have received special training for the use of these mechanisms, as well as having relevant certification in the application of lingual orthodontic techniques.

Now this particular type of treatment tends to become established and more and more Orthodontists around the world are recommending internal braces to their patients as the best option. The evolution of this technique is impressive, with results equal to conventional orthodontic treatment and generously gives patients the opportunity to straighten their teeth discreetly and with excellent aesthetic results!