An alternative option to the invisible mouth guards Invisalign, in our clinic we perform the Clear aligners treatment method, according to the clinical indications. Clear aligners treatment is consisted by transparent mouth guards that look like the Invisalign ones, but they differ in the way they are constructed. In this technique, more than one impression has to be taken, one each month. The impressions are sent to a specialised orthodontic laboratory in Athens, F.N orthodontics, which is certified for this technique. The company’s software utilises the impressions given in order to create a set-up, which takes about five days to be prepared. The set-up consists of three aligners of gradual hardness, soft, medium and hard. The three aligners will treat each of the two arches. The patient uses the aligners 20-22 hours per day for a period of ten days. Most recently, thanks to technology, the orthodontist can select from the beginning of the treatment only one impression, instead of multiple monthly impressions. From this single impression all the necessary aligners for each specific case can be fabricated.