The invisible mouth guards “Orthocaps” used in our clinic belong to the category of transparent aligners. For their construction the orthodontist takes a high precision impression in the first appointment. Those impressions have to be sent to Hamm in Germany, along with the patient’s photos, x-rays and the total treatment plan. After two weeks, the orthodontist receives electronically the teeth’s 3-D illustration “I-set-up”, in which the future movements of the teeth can be seen. It takes about 10-15 days for the “I-set-up” to arrive from Germany after the orthodontist’s approval. These aligners are well known as “double aligners”, because in the Orthocaps system the patient in each therapeutic stage receives one pair of aligners made by a different material for each arch. The patient has to wear the hard aligners that are completely transparent 10- 12 hours during the daytime, while at the rest of the day if the patient is less active, can use the soft ones. Each stage lasts three weeks, upon which time other ones substitute the aligners. The membranes are worn according to the orthodontist’s instructions, about 20-22 hours a day. The Orthocaps method can also performed to younger patients, who have mixed dentition, but only during the night. At the Orthodontic Clinic  Great Smile you can find the orthodontic solution that suits you, according to your needs.